Italian Stallion

Italian stallions…and we’re not talking about horses! A writer once said that to be born Italian and male is to have won the lottery in life, and that’s probably true more often than it is not. From the ultimate male nude to an honorary Italian, some of the world’s hottest stallions could come from nowhere else but Italy. So for proof that not everything piping hot and Italian is a pizza, see below:

David, the ultimate male nude


He’s Florence’s number one hottie, he’s shamelessly in the buff every day of the year, and his every chiseled muscle is as hard as a rock. We defy you to find one ounce of cellulite on this man! We’re talking, of course, about Michelangelo’s David. The 17-foot tall Renaissance sculpture is the Accademia Gallery’s star attraction. Heroic, majestic, finely detailed, a bit mysterious, and exquisitely proportioned – David is everything once could ever want in a (ahem) statue. And forget about Buns of Steel: everybody from Snooki to a Pope or two has stood in awe before David’s oversized Carrara marble posterior.

Fabio, the blonde babe

You have to love Fabio. Okay, you don’t, but there’s no denying that the Italian model and actor who made long blond hair synonymous with Italian heavyweight hotness in the 1980s has stallion appeal. In fact, some might even draw a parallel between his equine profile and that of mass market sex kitten Sarah Jessica Parker. But whether or not you want to call it horse-like, it was Fabio’s face that appeared on the covers of countless romance models in the 1980s and after. And it’s Fabio who was an integral part of a famous mid-1990s commercial campaign in favor of a popular butter substitute. We love a man who collects Lamborghinis, who was once smacked in the face by a goose on a rollercoaster and lived to tell the tale, and who cares about our cholesterol, too. Oh, Fabio!

Marcello Mastroianni, the consummate Italian


Classy, classically handsome, and super-talented: that was Marcello Mastroianni, the Italian actor who from humble beginnings in tiny Fontana Liri went on to become one of the greatest gifts to Italian cinema, and thus to the world. Marriage Italian-Style, Divorce Italian-Style, and of course, Fellini’s La Dolce Vita…just three of Mastroianni’s greats. And like any Italian stallion, his taste in women was impeccable, from first wife Flora Carabella to longtime paramour Catherine Deneuve, with whom he had a daughter, lovely Chiara.

Tiziano Ferro, the crooner

In addition to having a gorgeous name that could inspire swooning in almost any living creature, male, female or other, Italian pop singer Tiziano Ferro isn’t exactly lacking in the looks department, either. He was born in pretty Latina, which is near Rome, and was voted Best Italian artist at the 2004 MTV Europe Music Awards in Rome. His new single, La differenza tra me e te, has gained a well-deserved following in the U.S. as well as Italy. Ferro is also that rare male singer who looks great in all white.

Maurizio Cattelan, the wild child


He’s the bad boy of the contemporary international art scene and an incorrigible rascal who founded influential art magazine Toilet Paper and whose best-known work, La Nona Ora,depicts Pope John Paul II after being hit by a meteorite…wowsa. In fact, just about any art Cattelan makes is a hit, which led to his recent one-man show at New York’s Guggenheim Museum. His works on show regularly at places like the fabulous Palazzo Grassi in Venice, too. And, being Italian, he’s also one heck of a looker. Go Maurizio!

George Clooney, the nice guy

This honorary Italian stallion may be American on paper, but with his favorite home on the shores of stunning Lake Como, the movie star’s heart belongs to Italy. Come to think of it, so does ours.

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