How to discover New York City As You’ve Never seen It Before

whaiwhai New York – The Pegleg

New York is not Italy, even if there are plenty of Italians and, indeed, some good Italian restaurant (Stay tuned for my Top 5 Italian Eateries in the Big Apple.) So you may wonder: why you can now buy the latest edition of the whaiwhai guidebooks, “New York: the Pegleg” from Select Italy?

The answer is really easy: WE  ❤ whaiwhai. And we love the guys at LOG607 since Select Italy’s President Andrea Sertoli discovered whaiwhai – at a trade fair in Venice. It was natural to add it to YOU & ITALY.

Here at the New York office we can’t wait to get together (again!) and play the New York edition one more time. The first time, few weeks ago, Andrea Sertoli won…the next time is going to be a different story!

Read more about whaiwhai on our newsletter or check out our recent News Release for videos and some cool fact on this revolutionary guidebook.

Have you ever played with whaiwhai? Do you like this new concept of tour book? Leave a comment below!



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