Celebrate International Women’s Day

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Celebrate the Internation Women’s Day today

International Women’s Day is a time to remember and celebrate the social and political achievement made over the years for this gender, as well as bring awareness of violence against women and discrimination, which unfortunately is still happening around the world. The day is celebrated on March 8th in and around Italy, where they present different initiatives dedicated to women.


Most are unfamiliar with origin of this celebration, as its significance is lesser known in some places. Whatever the story may be, this day was first celebrated in the United States in 1909, followed two years later in parts of Europe and in 1922 in Italy. One of the most recognized stories recounts the famous factory “Cotton” in  New York, where 129 women were working on March 8th 1902 and left inside to burn alive when a fire started. This news wasn’t released to the public until after the war, shocking and moving people around the globe. The sequential “Triangle” Factory Fire of 1911 also contributed to the need to honor and remember women, and once again the main victims were immigrant women and girls from Europe.

Another story speaks of Women’s Day truly taking off after the event on the 8th of March 1949, where many women in New York started to manifest during their 8 working hours because they had no right to vote.

Italian Tradition

women and mimosa flower

Give a mimosa to all the women you know!

In Italy one of the most famous celebrations is to give mimosa flowers to women. Many Italian children remember that on this day in school the boys would bring this little yellow flower to their female classmates and teachers. On this day men appeared to be Galant’uomini (gentlemen) to everyone. Although Italian men are known for their doting on women, this is an even better time to be a woman on this March day.

In Italy many services are free for women, such as routine tests or discounts or special gifts in stores.

Do you know any other traditions to celebrate this day? Let us know! 



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