The Best (and Funniest) Ads of Italian Automaker FIAT (VIDEO)

The evolution of Fiat Logo (credits:

When someone mentions “Made in Italy,” the mind almost automatically goes to fashionable clothing, luxurious accessories, and delicious food. It’s safe to say that for a few, Italy is also synonym to “automakers.” However, those few are about to grow into many, thanks to FIAT, the biggest and oldest Italian automobile factory.

The name FIAT stands for “Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino” (Factory of Italian Automobiles in Turin), and while it has a long story of reputable models in it’s homeland, outside the boot the agency has gained a reputation as a funny little automaker of bijou-sized cars to drive on Roman holidays. The most iconic of these cars was the 9-feet-long FIAT 500, the Italian answer to the Volkswagen Beetle, serving as the Italian city car from 1957-1975 . (Read More About our Popular Tour of Rome in a Vintage FIAT 500)

For its 50th birthday in 2007, FIAT rebooted the car, and after rapidly becoming a top seller in Italy, is trying to penetrate new markets. It is particularly hoping to invade the streets in the main cities of the United States with a series of catchy, memorable ads and marketing activities. Don’t wait for the Superbowl to catch your share of innovative, humorous commercials. Here you will find our top 5 FIAT ads:

1. The Little Immigrant

The most recent ad, released just this summer, shows the new generation of the FIAT 500 ready to “party” in the USA. A short drive in the beautiful Amalfi Coast before diving in the blue water and emerging from the Ocean in New York City after what we can imagine to have been a pretty long transoceanic drive (…)

2. A Drive Down the Block with Jenny

From the looks of the ad campaigns, the small car and the Big Apple are not strangers. In this ad released at the end of 2011, J.Lo turns heads with the elegance and style of her “500 by Gucci,” a special model signed by the popular Italian fashion powerhouse.

3. Touchdown FIAT

Every year millions of people all around the world turn their TVs on the championship of the National Football League to see who will win the Superbowl (or watch the commercials). In February 2012 FIAT partecipated in the ad-frenzy and took home the trophy of the most discussed Superbowl commercial with the steamy video embedded below.  To quote one popular comment after the screening: “This commercial made me learn italian…”

4. Not on my car!

FIAT is not new to ads that go viral. Nobody likes to get its car touched – this guy in particular… The 2000 launch: supposed to give a fresh start to the brand and propell it in the new millenium with a model called Palio. The result? The commercial was an extraordinary hit among amused viewers, but not for the sales. FIAT saw her Palio ending up exactly like the cyclist in the video you are about to see.

5. Fiat: The Legend

An ad aired in 2009 in Turkey showing different models through the ages with a soundtrack to match. This video retraces the fantastic history of the brand, which boast Steve Jobs among its notable fans, who owned a red Fiat 850 coupé Abarth, his dream car when he was 16.

What is your favorite FIAT commercial? Leave a comment below with your answer!



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