Cell Phones and SIM Cards
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Select Italy can connect you with the leading provider in cellular communications worldwide, so you can rent or purchase a cell phone for your trip. They also offer 24/7 Customer Service with assistance in seven languages.

SIM card in Italy

Sim Cards

Already have a SIM-unlocked GSM 900/1800 compatible international cell phone? Without having to buy a second phone, Select Italy can provide you with a SIM card that will allow you to use your own cell phone while in Italy. After following the easy activation instructions, your phone will be capable of sending and receiving calls, as well as SMS (text messages) and data in Italy or Croatia for your entire trip/vacation/stay! And the SIM provides you with an US phone number, so it is easy for family and friends to call you.

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Rent a Phone

  • Get your phone number prior to departure
  • Rent the latest models
  • Free incoming calls
  • Competitive rates for all outgoing calls
  • Perfect for the less recurrent traveler
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Buy a Phone

  • Phone and SIM Card package from just $19
  • Works in Italy, Croatia and the rest of Europe
  • Pre-paid and rechargeable so you can add minutes
  • Low rates with free incoming calls
  • Perfect for the frequent traveler
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For more information on placing calls during your trip to Italy take a look at our International Call Guide.