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Expo Milano: Not Just Pizza and Pasta
Expo Milano: Not Just Pizza and Pasta
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As an astonishing representation of human perfection, Michelangelo's imposing marble "David" has few rivals in the history of art. Emblematic of the guiding spirit of the Renaissance, there is no more iconic (and immediately recognizable) symbol of the genius of Italy. That's why a copy of the famous statue in Florence has been chosen to stand outside the Italian Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, to greet visitors from all corners of the world who will descend on Milan next month when Expo opens its doors on May 1st. Piazza Italia, where "David" will proudly stand, is the crossroads of Expo 2015; the point where the wide east-west street, known as the decumanus, and the north-south cardo intersect in the typical Roman city plan, upon whose model the Expo fairgrounds were laid out. In an ancient Roman town, the Forum was situated at the intersection of these two main streets and, at Expo 2015, the Forum's primary function as a market and gathering place is still valid, 2000 years later. All of the fair's expected 20 million visitors will pass through this space at least once, making Piazza Italia the heart and soul of this international exposition dedicated ...

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