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Summer in the City
Summer in the City: Rome
Spend a lazy summer evening beside Rome's Tiber River
When the temperatures soar, Romans gravitate to the mighty river that winds its way through the middle of town. The Tiber – "Tevere" in Italian – becomes the protagonist of annual summer festivals like Lungo Il Tevere which animates the river banks every evening until the end of August. From Ponte Sisto to Ponte Sublicio, from Trastevere to the border of Testaccio, a long row of tents housing shops, open-air restaurants, dance clubs, cafes, art shows and more is set up at river's edge. High stone embankments act as a baffle to the noisy cars and buses hurtling along the roadway above, causing the city to fade away, while the occasional cooling breeze off the river makes even Romans who have been stuck in an office all day feel as if they're on vacation. Admission to Lungo Il Tevere is free and it can get seriously crowded as the night wears on. Our advice is to get there early, when the merchants open at 7:00pm; then after a stroll through the market, you can chill out with a beer by the river. If hunger strikes, there are lots of open-air restaurant serving traditional Roman cuisine, as ...

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