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Croatia and Italy Make the Perfect Vacation Combination
Croatia and Italy Make the Perfect Vacation Combination
Martina, Maja, Malina, and Arianna outside of Sibenik
It was the part of my European visit that I was most looking forward to, after an intense week of winery visits in Franciacorta, Piedmont, and Rome. The flight was brief to say the least; it was the kind where as soon as you are allowed to turn your laptop on and work, the flight attendants tell you to switch it off for descent. For once this didn't bother me - the view of the clearest spectrum of blues I had even seen in water had captured my undivided attention. The Split airport was small but welcoming, with a staff fluent in English, luggage that came in a timely matter (Toto, we really aren't in Italy anymore), and free, fast Wi-Fi which I immediately used to notify my husband that I had arrived safely in Croatia. I exited the airport to meet my private driver and begin the adventure of Discovering Dalmatia with our very own Croatia travel expert, Maja Gudelj, and our Italian social media guru, Arianna Sertoli. Determined not to let one single site or experience pass us by, we had planned an intense itinerary of historical sites, scenic car trips, winery visits, restaurants, ...

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