January 31, 2012
Where to Eat in...Bologna: Trattoria Anna Maria

Anna Maria is the star of the show!
For an unforgettable meal in a restaurant that bills itself as a "sanctuary of Bolognese cookery," you can’t do much better than Trattoria Anna Maria. That's because there really IS an Anna Maria who looks and acts just like the archetypal Italian mamma, both in real life and in the 2009 documentary made about her, "Da Annamaria: Tagliatelle e Buona Notte al Secchio."

She's filmed defending the Bologna tradition of handmade pasta but the best defense is the food itself: some of the most amazing tortellini in brodo you'll ever taste, as well handmade tagliatelle, tortelloni, lasagne and passatelli. The trattoria's lovingly kitsch interior hasn’t changed in almost 30 years – its walls are hung with black and white photos of Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren, and the waiters in their trademark red waistcoats weave between the tables, precariously balancing plates piled high with pasta. Approximately 35,00 euros per person.

Address: Via Belle Arti, 17A – 40126 Bologna
Phone: 051-266894
Website: www.trattoriannamaria.com
Hours: Closed Monday
Nearest Landmark: Teatro Comunale / University District

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