June 30, 2011
DiPalo's Means Quality

Lou DiPalo at DiPalo on Grand Street
When you order the June Tasty Bundle from Select Italy's online store, you’re not just getting a superior chunk of Parmigiano Reggiano but also 101 years of history – that's how long ago Savino DiPalo founded the family's latteria in New York City's Little Italy. To do so, this cheese-maker left behind his family, his farm and all that he was accustomed to in the small mountain village of Montemilone in the Basilicata region of Italy.

But Savino took his superior cheese-making skills along with him to the New World and now, 101 years later, his great-great grandson, Lou DiPalo, is proud to carry on the family tradition in their newly-expanded store on the corner of Mott and Grand Streets, just down the block from the original latteria. DiPalo's Fine Foods is still a family concern run by Lou, his wife Connie, sister Marie and brother Salvatore, with help from their mother Viola and from various other relatives. An offshoot is the new Enoteca DiPalo next door, ably managed by Lou's son, Sam, the fifth generation with a passion for Italian food and wine (and the knowledge to back it up; he is a graduate of Slow Food's prestigious University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Bra in Italy's Piedmont region).

Parmigiano Reggiano, the "King of Cheeses"
Good value is very much in keeping with the DiPalo tradition of offering the freshest and finest Italian food products at the most affordable prices. Not just artisanal cheeses but extra virgin olive oils they have personally selected in Italy, balsamic vinegars, prosciutto and other salumi, both fresh and dried pasta and an array of other products that are essential to Italian cuisine. True to their origins, they still make their own delectable fresh and smoked mozzarella every day. Lou DiPalo swears that his brother Sal makes his mozzarella with almost the precise taste of their father's mozzarella.

Select Italy's online food store

Select Italy's online food store represents a proud partnership with Di Palo’s Fine Foods. At food.selectitaly.com, online shoppers will find a carefully curated range of specialty items imported directly from Italy. The Select Italy Food Store makes it a breeze to bring the best of Italy right to your door.

Lou is one of the most knowledgeable Italian cheese persons in New York City, and for him, the "King of Cheeses" is definitely Parmigiano Reggiano. Customers come to DiPalo’s knowing that they get quality parmigiano at very fair prices, often available from several different seasons, each one imparting a subtly different taste. "Every season is different – not better – than another," he explains. "Parmigiano used to be made only from April 15 to November 15; now it is made 365 days a year. We're able to get winter parmigiano, made not from the milk of cows who fed on fresh grass but on alfalfa and hay. And parmigiano is a complex cheese, made from a morning and evening milking; that's what makes it so special."

So why not stock up on this very special hard cheese today? You'll be getting an authentic taste of Italy from a genuine Italian-American family with a century of experience in the cheese business! As of June 1st, the complimentary 1-year subscription to La Cucina Italiana has been discontinued but the free 1/2 lb of Parmigiano Reggiano and free shipping are still a feature on all online orders over $80.00.

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