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29 August, 2014
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How to...
Get Around
Don't plan to drive in Naples. Road rules are different from what you're used to, and despite being incomprehensible to most outsiders, they keep the city going. You'd be the wrench thrown in the perfectly oiled wheel! No right turn on red anywhere in Italy!

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How to...
Get Around
Save Money
Eat The Italian Way
Not Look Like a Tourist
Not Speak Like a Tourist
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Visiting a foreign country can feel overwhelming. Don't leave home before reading this essential information on traveling in Italy.

Tips for The Travelers:
Best restaurants, food markets, shops, hidden gems and much more!
La Tenda Rossa
Piazza del Monumento 9/14, San Casciano Val di Pesa; Tel.: 055-826132
A tiny town hosting a great restaurant with two Michelin stars and an international clientele. And it is indeed a well-deserved journey to have the opportunity to taste chef Maria Salcuni's fish dishes and her re-workings of the rustic Tuscan classics. The setting is elegant and stylish with ivory-and-sage sponge painted walls, chestnut floors and tables decorated with candles and sculptures. Do it if you can ... a memorable gastronmic experience! Reservations recommended.

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Cafe Corso
Cafe/Sandwich Bar
Via Rezia, 76, Ortisei; Tel.: 0471-796269
The history of the Cafe Corso began way back in 1954, when grandparents Ida and Josef Mauroner inaugurated the building in the heart of Ortisei. Afterwards, their children, Lotte and Heini Senoner, renovated the cafe in 1987. Since 1990, Cafe Corso has been managed by the third generation, Moritz and Helga Senoner. Nestled in the pedestrian area, it offers you hospitality and comfort, along with local delicacies and sweet specialties all the year round.

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LIBRIVIVI: An Italian literary revolution: the audiobook, becomes the "audiomovie". List all books...

LibriVivi are cutting-edge audiobooks that bring the greatest works of literature to life by means of new, emotionally engaging techniques that transform the book into a veritable "movie."

Living Comics System:
Italian Genius in Digital Art
Digital animation enters the world of comic books. Experience the first release "Sulphur & Dana" depicting the triumph of love over prejudice, discrimination and mistrust.

Introducing Whaiwhai:
New Touring Experience
The New York Times calls Whaiwhai "a high-tech Italian game that is part 'Amazing Race' and part treasure hunt, with a bit of DaVinci Code-style storytelling..."