Exterior of the Pazzi Chapel at Santa Croce
An art lover from New York City was the first to give: his or her $200 donation launched the five-week Kickstarter campaign to help fund the restoration of the priceless Renaissance loggia of the Pazzi Chapel and now the countdown is on, with only 24 days left to become a part of history and inscrib... Read more...
25 November, 2014
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Get Around
Don't plan to drive in Naples. Road rules are different from what you're used to, and despite being incomprehensible to most outsiders, they keep the city going. You'd be the wrench thrown in the perfectly oiled wheel! No right turn on red anywhere in Italy!

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Get Around
Save Money
Eat The Italian Way
Not Look Like a Tourist
Not Speak Like a Tourist
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Visiting a foreign country can feel overwhelming. Don't leave home before reading this essential information on traveling in Italy.

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La Rosetta
via della Rosetta, 8, Rome; Tel.: 06-6861002
This is one of Rome's best-regarded seafood restaurants; the Riccioli family has been directing operations here since the mid-1960s. Menu items include just about every fish native to the Mediterranean, as well as a few from the Atlantic coast of France. There's even a sampling of lobster imported from Maine, which can be boiled with drawn butter or served Catalan style with tomatoes, red onions and wine sauce. The homemade spaghetti garnished with shrimp, pumpkin blossoms and pecorino cheese is a real standout.

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Bar De Santis
Cafe/Sandwich Bar
Corso Magenta, 9, Milan; Tel.: 02-875968
Try one of the over 200 different kinds of panini (sandwiches) served at this historic and always crowded bar. The most famous is the "Portoghese" made from oranges, Fontina cheese, bresaola (cured, dried beef), vodka, lemon and pepper. In 2007 they also opened an outlet on the 7th floor of the Rinascente department store in Piazza Duomo (tel. 02-85684290).

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LIBRIVIVI: An Italian literary revolution: the audiobook, becomes the "audiomovie". List all books...

LibriVivi are cutting-edge audiobooks that bring the greatest works of literature to life by means of new, emotionally engaging techniques that transform the book into a veritable "movie."

Living Comics System:
Italian Genius in Digital Art
Digital animation enters the world of comic books. Experience the first release "Sulphur & Dana" depicting the triumph of love over prejudice, discrimination and mistrust.

Introducing Whaiwhai:
New Touring Experience
The New York Times calls Whaiwhai "a high-tech Italian game that is part 'Amazing Race' and part treasure hunt, with a bit of DaVinci Code-style storytelling..."