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Select Italy is proud to offer train tickets and seat reservations on all trains throughout the Italian rail network. We offer the most competitive prices and the most comprehensive selection of train tickets available. Travel by train in Italy is one of the most enjoyable ways to see the country. With frequent high-speed and inter-city trains criss-crossing the country, it is the most convenient and stress free way to get from one city or region to another.

Select Italy is an appointed agent for Trenitalia. Trains operated by Trenitalia.

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Search for Italo trains! Italo is a modern bullet train service line operating in Italy. Italo trains have larger train cars, designed for travelers with luggage. You will be offered on board packaged meals by Eataly, follow seasonal menus with fresh sustainable ingredients. There are Smart Cinema cars that allow you to sit back and enjoy a movie with your ride.

Select Italy is an appointed agent for italo. Trains operated by Italo.

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Italian Train Travel 101: All You Need to Know

Italian Train Travel

Trains in Italy have starred in movies, played feature roles in European novels, and intrigued and serviced Italians and visitors alike for almost two centuries. This quintessential European mode of travel has been present on the boot-shaped peninsula since before the country was united, and its intricate system of railways links all major cities, making it one of the most convenient ways of Italian travel. However, like most things Italian, traveling on Italian trains can take a bit of getting used to. Read on to get the nuts and bolts of what you need to know when traveling by train in Italy.

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