Become Your Own Indiana Jones: Dig in the Etruscans!

Warning! What you are about to read will tell you how you can live your Indiana Jones dreams. Select Italy IS responsible for every little ounce of excitement you are about to endure.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you… 

The quest seeking, adventure-fulfilling next Indiana Jones prophecy is waiting to be found in the land of the Etruscans.The city of Populonia has in one way or another been touched by these ancient Italic people and is ready to be uncovered. An Archeodig project, which began in 2008 was launched to organize, plan, and manage the excavation of various archaeological settlements of coastal Etruria. The Archeodig venture, which is set up like a field school, trains students, aspiring archaeologists, volunteers, (and even Indiana Jones look-a-likes) to help with the excavation of various sites along this Tuscan coast.

How does it work?

Indiana Jones

Channel your inner Indiana Jones!

This Archeo-party is looking for all Indiana Jones’s wanna-bes! For those of us who are craving to relive all our “Indy” days this archeo-dig is a match made in heaven. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any experience in this field or if you simply love Italy and crave a little history and adventure, any bold soul is welcomed to try their best excavation skills.

Pick your date…

The Archeodig will be holding two sessions for all you venturesome, daring characters out there:

  • Session 1 form May 13th-June 22nd
  • Session 2 from September 2nd– October 12th

Where is Populonia?

Settled on the coast of Tuscany, the village of Populonia is situated a short distance away from the archeological sites. Apartments will be awaiting you, fully furnished with a kitchen and internet access. After helping yourself to breakfast each day, lunch and dinner will be offered by the staff. But after a day of hard Indiana Jones training, you’ll have many opportunities to enjoy local delights, traditions, and festivals.

The duration of your time can last anywhere for 7-13 days. Sign up now- the Archeodig application is waiting for you.

In bocca al lupo!

etruscan map of italy with sardinia and corsica

The Etruscan territory stretches anywhere from Florence to Rome

Want more adventure?

At Select Italy we offer numerous exhilarating opportunities to challenge your inner explorer. For all of you who grew up idolizing James Bond, Indiana Jones, or even Inspector Clouseau there is a way to make all of your dreams come true!

Roman Gladiator for a Day

If discovering every jaw-dropping inch of the Colosseum wasn’t enough to suit your gladiator fantasy, don’t worry you can learn how to be the next Russell Crowe in the film, “Gladiator.” Dress up in full gladiator armor and learn real fighting techniques of the warriors of ancient Rome. Perfect for the entire family, this experience will leave you ready to battle. But don’t worry… no bloodshed included!


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Share your favorite Italian adventure with us!  


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