Meet Select Italy Team: Maja

Maja and the Fontana di Trevi

Maja and the Fontana di Trevi

Let’s meet Maja:

1. Name and What do you do at Select Italy?

Maja Gudelj, Production Department Assistant.

2. What’s your favorite Italian destination?

Rome – for some reason, no matter how many times I go, I still keep on going back.

3. Whom would you go there with?


4. Which 3 things should never be missing in one’s luggage when traveling to Italy?

Well, I know I do not need to bring a watch, since time is a descriptive parameter that nobody in Italy takes seriously; other than that a dictionary with some common expressions might be useful, power adapter, and your passport!

5. What Italian food are you addicted to?

Pizza and pasta :)

6. Reveal us a secret about Italy! Food, shop, unique view, restaurant, your favorite T4T…Whatever, we are really curious!

I think a tour of Rome in Vespa is an amazing way to explore the city and I can’t wait to be back to try it myself!

Do you want to ask something directly to Maja? Leave a comment below and she will reply!

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