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Meet Alison Select Italy team Meet Select Italy Team: Alison

Alison loves her job

Let’s meet Alison:

1. Name and What do you do at Select Italy.

Alison Turner Duray.  Acting Operational Manager – Webinar Director (if you are a Travel Agent check them out) - Trade Show Coordinator – SIIP Coordinator & Chicago Supervisor.

2. What’s your favorite Italian destination?

Florence for friends and familiar places, Puglia (or Apulia) for pure relaxation.

3. Whom would you go there with?

My husband and (6-month old) son!

4. Which 3 things should never be missing from one’s luggage when traveling to Italy?

Flats: Stylish, non-tennis-shoes, but easier to navigate the cobblestones in than heels. Sunglasses: Best accessory almost everywhere and worst accessory to find yourself without. Internationally usable phone: I just can’t live without it these days.

5. What Italian food are you addicted to?

Pasta – really could eat it every day indefinitely (and have).

6. Reveal us a secret about Italy! Food, shop, unique view, restaurant, your favorite T4T…Whatever, we are really curious!

There are so many. Here is one.
One of the best views of Florence is from Piazzale Michelangelo at sunset. Also beautiful are the steps of San Miniato or Forte Belvedere, which are in the same general area but with slightly different angles.

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6 Responses to Meet Select Italy Team: Alison

  1. Joe Gantly says:

    Puglia is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets, pity it can’t (wont) stay that way!

  2. AJ Dennis says:

    Thanks for your tips on what you like about Italy. Anyone visiting Italy should really reserve some time for visiting the many cathedrals. They are so beautiful and the architecture is truly a marvel especially considering they were built centuries ago!

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