Five Things You Didn’t Know About La Scala Opera House


La Scala opera house, Milan (credits: Jean-Christophe BENOIST - Wikicommons) La Scala in Milan is Italy’s leading opera house and one of the most prestigious in the world. Many of the greatest world’s singers from the past 200 years have performed at La Scala. Inaugurated in 1778, La Scala was built to replace the Royal Ducal Theater,...

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How to get Tickets for La Scala Opera House in Milan

Tickets for La Scala Opera House in Milan

XIX century print, Piazza della Scala, Milan Purchasing opera tickets in Italy can be an overwhelming task, but for Milan’s prestigious opera house La Scala, it can be even more confusing! For a hassle-free experience read our suggestions about seats and tickets for La Scala Opera House in Milan. First, if you are planning your trip...

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Best Summer Music Festivals in Italy


Are you planning on experiencing Italy during the summer? If you are an organized traveler you probably have a detailed itinerary, you've booked tours and museum tickets in advance and you've considered all the options for your transfers. But have you thought about attending to an opera, concert or ballet during your stay? We've got a list of...

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Adieu, Maestro: A Tribute to Abbado [VIDEO]

Claudio Abbado

January 20 was a marked day of sadness to the musical world, as it lost one of its Italian greats to a lengthy battle with terminal illness. Claudio Abbado was revered throughout the international music community as one of the best conductors to have ever lived. He was remembered in a tribute concert of Beethoven's Funeral March, played to an...

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