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  • Vibrant Venetian Villas You Have To Visit

    on Oct 30, 13 • in Hotels & Villas • with 1 Comment

    palladian villas

    Enjoy the dolce vita with a stay at one of Veneto's luxurious villas. Decorated, peaceful, and inspiring, each villa has its own unique taste back in time with outstanding amenities that complete any vacation.

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  • Italy’s Best Hotel Balconies

    on Aug 13, 12 • in Hotels & Villas • with 2 Comments


    There’s something supremely civilized about a hotel terrace balcony and here’s why: you get to enjoy an amazing view, often involving a dramatic natural landscape, from the comfort of a luxurious perch, and often with the option of a cocktail in hand. I’ll exercise that option over a taxing nature hike any day. With that in mind, here’s a short round-up hotels in Italy that offer fantastic terraces that are either for all guests’ use or special features of at least some of the guestrooms themselves.

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  • 4 Italian Hotels That Changed The World

    on Jul 2, 12 • in Hotels & Villas • with No Comments


    What are two things you’re almost guaranteed to never find a shortage of in Italy? Answer: history and pasta. And the former is sometimes alive in places where you least expect it – such as the hotel where you might find yourself staying during part of your vacation in Italy. As any student of politics or cinema will tell you, hotels have often had a storied role in shaping or otherwise influencing world events. Which brings us the focal point of so much world history, Rome.

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  • On the Road with Andrea – Hotel CastelBrando, Veneto

    on May 2, 11 • in Hotels & Villas • with 1 Comment

    Castelbrando at Night

    The day seemed to start slow and sloppy. I felt on the verge of getting sick, or something. But then I got into the schedule with meetings and errands which turned out to be good. Apparently, at least. Went back home, shorten the email list, took a shower and it was 8pm when I got into the car.

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