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  • Family Friendly Italy Tours

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    If you look at most of the online travel agencies, you are going to find that the vast majority of their Italy tours are geared towards the adult crowd. They take you to the major cities, the museums and the vineyards, but have nothing for the kids. In fact you are going to find that the vast majority of these sites seem to discourage the idea of taking children on any of their tour packages

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  • Single Parents Travelling With Children – What to Do in Italy

    on Jun 15, 12 • in Family & Kids • with 1 Comment

    Family at the Seaside

    Italy has welcomed tourists and travellers coming to admire its wonderful landscapes and cities for centuries, so it is no surprise that an incredible amount of resources and activities for visitors are available. In Italy you can do almost everything you want thanks to the immense variety of attractions it offers and today, in particular, we are going to give some advices to single parents travelling to Italy with their children. Travelling with children can be at the same time incredibly stressful and enjoying -- and when you are a single parent both feelings are doubled -- that's why we want you to be prepared and suggest you the best places to go and to see when in Italy with your children to get the best out of your holiday with them!

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